Jean and Peter Stokes with Jasmine Holt

Students from past generations are providing important and encouraging support to students attending Kent Street Senior High School today. In 1940, when Kent Street opened, it was first Public school south of the Swan River. Many students travelled from as far away as Armadale to attend. Their schooling gave them a solid foundation of knowledge and values on which to build their lives and advance their community. Many of these past students are now members of the school’s well-established alumni – the Kentian Society.

Mr Peter Stokes is one such person. He attended Kent Street from 1942 to 1944 and left aged 14 to become a delivery boy for a pharmaceutical company. From this he was offered a trainee ship position with a dentist who taught him how to make dental prosthetics. Peter learned quickly and saw an opportunity in this niche industry.  With his wife, Jean, they developed a highly skilled and innovative company that served the dental community for decades. They still carry on their work today! Peter’s ingenuity and character is being emulated by the students who followed him.

In recent years, Peter and Jean have reconnected with Kent Street and made a major contribution to the Kentian Scholarship Foundation.  The Foundation provides a range of scholarships to support senior students and others to achieve highly in their respective fields of study. School Principal, Mrs Kath Ward, understands how these scholarships are making a difference.  According to Mrs Ward, “Donations to the Scholarship fund serve to recognise the efforts and aspirations of our young people and helps them have the courage to achieve in Years 11 and 12.”

The Kentian Society invites interested people to visit their website (  The Kentian Scholarship Fund has deductible gift recipient status.