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Volunteering WA and Lotterywest grant 2022

The Kentian Society was thrilled to be the recipient of a grant to recognise the work of its Archives volunteers this year as part of National Volunteer Week. Although Volunteer Week activities usually take place between May 16 and 22, our planned morning tea was delayed by pandemic-related restrictions on our access to the school as well as by the need to time all opportunities to fit with the school calendar. The safety of our volunteers and school staff and students was paramount, but we were finally able to hold our morning tea on Wednesday June 15th in the school Conference Room.

Our grant enabled us to organise catering by our hospitality students, which was very well received. Although several intending guests were unable to attend at the last moment due to Covid exposure, we still had a relatively large group that spanned decades of former students. All of those attending received gifts from Volunteering WA, and the existing archive volunteers received other Volunteering merchandise. Kent Street Senior High School Principal, Kate Wilson also presented gifts to the present volunteer group.

Following the morning tea, most of the group took part in a tour of the archives, thanks once again to our volunteers there, led by Vicki Duball. There was a high level of interest in the work our volunteers are doing there, and we hope that some of those who attended the function and tour will offer their time to our archives in future. This event was such a success that we should think about making it an annual event. Thank you to all who attended, the school for inviting us into the function room for the event, and particularly, thanks to Volunteering WA and Lotterywest for enabling us to hold the function.

Former students dating back to the 1940s and through to at least the 1990s came along to share their stories: several brought photos and other items to donate to our Archives.
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Everyone had a story to tell. Note the red Volunteering Australia lanyards that our present volunteers received: we had enough to give them to past and future volunteers too. Present volunteers also received 2022 Volunteering Badges, and everyone in attendance received a Volunteering Australia pen.


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