The Jean and Peter Stokes Creative Arts Scholarships have been awarded since 2019 thanks to the generosity to the generosity of the donors who set up the Jean and Peter Stokes Educational Fund in 2010.

The scholarship recognises the students dedication to various Creative Arts and the desire to pursue a future in this field.

Conditions of Application

Please make sure you address all conditions before compiling your application. Use the numbers in each section as a check list.

  1. Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia. The school will check your citizenship status and notify you and the panel if you do not meet the requirements.
  2. Currently residing in the State of Western Australia.
  3. Completing Year 10 this year
  4. Enrolled or prepared to enrol and complete Years 11 and 12 at Kent Street Senior High School and continue studying at least one Creative Arts subject or certificate course in upper school, following the awarding of the scholarship.

Compiling Your Application Letter

Your application must be supported with a letter that addresses the criteria outlined below. Your letter is used in conjunction with your interview to determine the merit selected recipient

  1. Why you should be awarded the scholarship based on your academic ability.
  2. How being awarded the scholarship will assist you with you intended studies and future ambitions.
  3. Your intended Senior School studies.
  4. How you can make a positive contribution during your senior years at Kent Street Senior High School.

Submitting You Application

Please email your application to by 3.00pm on Friday of Week 5 in Term 3 with the following documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Application Letter
  3. Your Year 10 Semester 1 School Report
  4. Birth Certificate

Applicants are encouraged to to give a brief presentation or present a portfolio at their interview.