Kentian Scholarship Foundation



  1. To provide scholarships, bursaries and prizes to promote the education of students at Kent Street Senior High School.
  2. To raise capital for the purpose described above

Currently we award the following:

  1. Year 11 Kentian Academic Scholarship
  2. Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science Scholarship
  3. Year 11 Jean & Peter Stokes Fashion and Design Scholarship
  4. Year 11 Jean & Peter Stokes Financial Assistance Scholarship
  5. Year 11 Jock Bremner Science Scholarship
  6. Year 12 Kentian Vocational and Educational Training (VET) Scholarships
  7. Year 12 Courage Award

Selection Criteria
Applicants awarded scholarships, bursaries and prizes will be selected on the following criteria:

  1. They must be Australian citizens or permanent residents of Australia.
  2. They must be currently residing in the State of Western Australia.
  3. They will be assessed according to the nature of the award: on the basis of their achievement or for reasons of equity.

If chosen to accept an award the recipient agrees to show a positive attitude and commitment to his/her upper school studies, and in doing so his/her achievement should be a credit to himself/herself, Kent Street Senior High School and the Kentian Scholarship Foundation.

Who Can Apply

You are eligible to apply for Scholarships 1 to 4 if you are a Year 10 student who intends completing Years 11 and 12, at Kent Street Senior High School. The awards are valued at $1000 and paid over two years.

The Jock Bremner Scholarship, valued at $1000, is awarded to the most outstanding Year 11 Science student, enrolled at Kent Street Senior High School and determined by the Year 10 Science teachers.

You are eligible to apply for a Vocational and Educational Training Scholarships if you are a Year 11 student who intends completing Year 12 at Kent Street Senior High School. The award (2) are valued at $500 each.

Applications open at the beginning of Term 3 and must be in the hands of the Principal by 3.00pm, by the last Friday in August. Applicants may download the application package (see below).

The winners will be determined by the quality of the application and performance at an interview conducted during the first two weeks of September. The interview panel will consist of the school principal or her representative, a Trustee of the Kentian Scholarship Foundation and another appropriate staff member of Kent Street Senior High School. Recipients will be notified in writing and a presentation will be made at a full school assembly.

The Courage Award will be presented to annually, at the Year 12 Presentation Night, to a student completing Year 12 at Kent Street Senior High School who best demonstrates courage in his or her achievements. The award is recommended by a panel of teachers from the school.

Download the application form: Scholarship Application Form